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Authors & Presenters

Timeline and instructions for Authors / Presenters of a paper at the ICAR-Interbull 2021 Conference

  • For ICAR: If you plan to present a paper at one of the ICAR sessions, you need to submit an abstract here. (Closed per 30th of January 2021)
  • For Interbull: if you want to present a paper at the Interbull Open Session, you need to submit an abstract here.
  • Authors are notified prior to 1st of March (ICAR) or 21st of March (Interbull) whether the paper is accepted. If the paper is accepted, the author will receive instructions for the submission of the presentation materials, see also below.
  • The author arranges his registration for ICAR/Interbull conference. Early bird registration before 1st of March, but register no later than 1st of April 2021.
  • The presenter needs to record his or her presentation on video. In addition a maximum 3 minute video pitch with the key messages of the paper needs to be recorded, preferably including some (provocative) statements for the discussion.
  • In summary, the following needs to be submitted:
To be submitted before the 8th of April
(unless indicated otherwise)
PowerPoint presentation ppt or pptx*
Video presentation mp4
PowerPoint of the pitch ppt or pptx*
Video of the pitch mp4
Full ICAR paper The template for the paper (4-5 pages) can be found here doc or docx (to be submitted before23rd of April 2021)
CV with information on name, organization, position in organization, country, email address and relevant information about the presenter (max 150 words) + photo.
doc or docx

* ppt or pptx format is required for a proper presentation. Where presentation files are to be shared after the conference through ICAR, these will be converted to pdf files.

  • All files can be transferred via WeTransfer (or an equivalent facility) to Please mention the session for the presentation in the WeTransfer message.
  • All registered participants will have the opportunity to preview all presentations after April 18. So when the conference starts, the assumption is that most delegates have viewed the presentations of interest already and may prepare questions. The video pitches will be shown during the session and are intended to initiate the discussion. Challenging statements are welcome.
  • A full ICAR paper has to be submitted by email before 23rd of April 2021 to The template for the paper can be found here.
    For details on Interbull see here


Instructions for recording your presentation and pitch 

  • Prepare your Powerpoint slides (16:9) and your talk. Please pay attention to the speech length: 12 minutes max..
  • Save the slides from the full presentation and the pitch as ppt or pptx files. In case you use video in your presentation, supply it as separate mp4 file for backup.
  • Deliver the speech over the presentation in the audio recording mode in front of your webcam and microphone. All the information about this PowerPoint feature, with a video explanation, is available on the Microsoft website at this page. Detailed instructions in writing can be found here. You don’t need any other software, only PowerPoint 2016 or later.  We suggest that you pay close attention to the tutorials in order to avoid problems. (In case you use your phone to record your video presentation, use the landscape modus.)
  • Arrange for a blank background during filming your presentation! Make sure to avoid background noise and mute your phone while recording.
  • Export both the full video presentation and the short video pitch, each in a separate video mp4 file. Please pay close attention; you need to “export” in mp4 file. Do not simply “save” it, since it will be saved in the ppt or pptx format.
  • Submit your ppt/pptx files and mp4 files with WeTransfer (or an equivalent facility) to Make sure you submit both your presentation and your 3 min pitch and accompanying materials.
  • When successful, you will receive a confirmation that everything is fine and ready for the meeting. If not, you will be contacted.
  • If you encounter any problems, please contact us through directly.
  • You can prepare and upload your video material already now, but remember that the deadline for upload is April 8th CET end of day. We suggest not to wait till the very last moment.
  • Remember to include some statements in your 3 min video pitch to facilitate discussion.


These instructions apply for PowerPoint on a Windows device. If you use a Mac and you encouter problems with recording, we suggest you to record without video (possible, but probably less appealing to the audience)


Video Poster session

Authors who prepare a video poster are expected to provide a video presentation with a duration of maximal 12 minutes before 8th of April. For instructions, see above. This pre-recorded presentation will be made available in the conference portal in the week of 19 April so all participants of the conference can view your presentation ahead and during the week of the conference.

In case participants have questions or comment on the presentation, please add your email address on the last slide of your presentation.

Suggested text: For more information and questions about this video poster presentation you can contact “email address”.

Further no short pitch or paper is requested.

The file can be transferred via WeTransfer (or an equivalent facility) to


Registration for the conference

Registration is possible until April 18, 2021

Registration for the conference

Registration is possible until April 18, 2021