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The conference

Presenters in the Conference Sessions will prerecord their presentations. These will be made available as videos to the participants ahead of the conference. The conference sessions itself will be held every day between 2 and 5 PM CET. These will consist of short summary pitches of the concerned presentations and a discussion with options for remote participation.

When live participation in person is feasible, the ICAR General Assembly and the Plenary ICAR - Interbull meeting on Wednesday 28 April 2021 will be turned into sessions with live presentations on stage and a livestream for remote participants including options to join in the discussion. The same applies for the Interbull Business Meeting and the ICAR Wrap Up Session on Thursday 29 April 2021.


Physical Presence at WTC

WTC can arrange for close to 200 seats in the lecture rooms with at least 1.5 meter distance. Thereby, WTC has professional facilities available for online video conferences with a large group of delegates present in the room.

Attendees will be offered sufficient opportunities to ‘meet and greet’, to join in excursions and to get in touch with our sponsors. So, when the situation allows, we will make sure that your trip to Friesland will become memorable!

We look forward to see you in Leeuwarden or to meet you virtually at ICAR-Interbull 2021!.

Kind regards,


The Local Organisation Committee

Jos Buiting, Bert van ‘t Land, Gerben de Jong, Esther Dijkema and Hans Wilmink (CRV), Kees de Koning (Dairy Campus Wageningen University) and Harrie van den Bijgaart (Qlip)

Registration for the conference

Registration is possible until April 18, 2021