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Video Poster Presentations

Siwar Grayaa

Meta-analysis of some risk factors affecting somatic cell score in dairy cattle

Daria Iakovishina

Creation of the first Russian genomic reference database and genomic evaluations results

Yongyan Chen

Developing herd level lactation curve characteristics from individual cow level data for Dutch dairy farms

Anthony Tedde

Selection of the most appropriate predictors to improve the robustness of dairy cows’ bodyweight prediction by using lactation stage, parity, milk yield, and milk mid-infrared spectra.

Morgane Hoenen

„MastiMIR“ an early warning system based on MIR spectra

Sonja Kleinhans

Implementation of Differential Somatic Cell Count as a new parameter for improved udder health monitoring through routine milk recording

João Caçador

Digitalization of farms. How IT can support a better data management

Laura Monica Dale

MIR-based predictions on methane, energy balance and energy efficiency evaluation on dairy cows’ population

Reinhard Reents

Two years of E.U. Regulations in the German cattle industry

Maëlle Rocland

Measuring herd resilience through monthly milk records

Abdoulaye Banire Diallo

Comprehensive predictive models approach for dairy

Markku Brummer

Run your farm with knowledge

Paolo Bulgarelli & Stefania Leonardi 

The H2020 EU MOLOKO project - an innovative biosensor technology for smart farming

Marien Jlassi

Fertilité et structure génétique des étalons

Marija Spehar

Performance recording and genetic evaluation of Equus genus

Tania Bobbo

Factors affecting differential somatic cell count, an additional parameter for mastitis screening in dairy cows

Luc Manciaux

Approach to a specific assessment of welfare in dairy calves: proposal of a grid adapted to this category of animals

Julie Leblois

HappyMoo – assessing animal welfare using milk mid-infrared spectrum

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